A holisztikus energiaterápia a stressz csökkentése révén hozzájárul egészségünk megőrzéséhez, a menedzser betegségek és a stressz által okozott fizikai és lelki problémák megelőzéséhez.




Your emotions and bad feelings (anxiety, depression, stress, grief, anger, fear, etc) are low vibrational energies.

We accumulate these energies in our body since our birth. These bad energies are responsible for our problems in life and blocks our further success.

Like all living systems, your body is a unified collection of energy fields. If you alter the quality of these fields then you can change the way your body functions and your life also.

We have heard in recent years how stress can kill you.

Well, it is really not the stress in and of itself that will kill you, it is the way you choose to process the stress that could hurt you or make you very sick. The body in essence is a mirror of our inner thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Every single cell in your body has its own intelligence and is able to listen to what you are thinking and feel what you are expressing emotionally.

In reality, your cells and your body respond to every thought you think, every emotion you have and every word you speak. Repetitive modes of thinking and suppressing negative feelings and emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, depression, and hatred can and will eventually manifest as dis-ease in the body. Literally, your suppressed emotions become like ticking bombs waiting for the perfect conditions to detonate and manifest as dis-ease.

The holistic energy therapy is a surprisingly effective method to get rid of bad feelings, to increase the energy within us and to preserve the momentum in any area of our lives. In this way, we can renew the foundation for our development and live a more successful happier life.

List of Emotional causes of the most common diseases

  • Emotion cause of Abscess: old hurts, holding on to anger
  • Emotion cause of Achilles tendon problems: earthbound personality, highly strung state
  • Emotion cause of Achromasia: isolation
  • Emotion cause of Alcoholism: feeling of futility,
  • Emotion cause of Allergies: refusing something, Who are you allergic to? it is just a symbol!
  • Emotion cause of Alzheimer's Disease: escape from reality
  • Emotion cause of Anaemia: Lack of joy, refusal of life
  • Emotion cause of Apathy: isolation, suppressed feelings
  • Emotion cause of Arthritis: criticism, annoyance, anger,
  • Emotion cause of Asthma: rejecting uncleanliness, supressed crying, oversensitivity
  • Emotion cause of Bed-wetting: fear of somebody or something
  • Emotion cause of Bone deformation: inflexibility, rigidness
  • Emotion cause of Bone fracture: rigidity, stiffness, lack of flexibility
  • Emotion cause of Bone problems:  lack of stability, lack of support,
  • Emotion cause of Bowel trouble: unable to release something, fear of letting go
  • Emotion cause of Brain tumor: suppressed feelings, stubbornness
  • Emotion cause of Bruises: self punishment
  • Emotion cause of Callus: rigid views
  • Emotion cause of Cancer/tumor: long-standing resentment, anger or grief, shock, feel remorse, lack of love
  • Emotion cause of Cataract: uncertain future
  • Emotion cause of Coma: escaping from reality
  • Emotion cause of Concussion: breaking earlier way of thinking, new direction is necessary
  • Emotion cause of Coronary sclerosis: supressed feelings, resistance to love
  • Emotion cause of Cramps: holding on, gripping, fear
  • Emotion cause of Crohn's Disease: fear, anxiousness, worry
  • Emotion cause of Cross eyed: one sided viewpoint
  • Emotion cause of Depression: running away from activity, lack of joy            
  • Emotion cause of Diabetes: longing for love, low self-esteem, unable to accept love
  • Emotion cause of Digestive problems: it is a symbol: „unable to digest someting”
  • Emotion cause of Dislocation: resistance to change, anger
  • Emotion cause of Earache: I don’t want to hear it!
  • Emotion cause of Eczema: emotional eruptions, struggle of opposites
  • Emotion cause of Epilepsy: rejection of life
  • Emotion cause of Facial nerves: „wearing a mask”
  • Emotion cause of Fainting: self-defence, taking refuge
  • Emotion cause of Fracture of bone: too rigid in something, need for a change
  • Emotion cause of Frigidity: denial of pleasure, fear
  • Emotion cause of Gall-bladder problems: bitterness, repressed anger, grief, aggression
  • Emotion cause of Gallstone: bitterness
  • Emotion cause of Glaucoma: repressing  tears, old resentments,
  • Emotion cause of Gout: anger, impatiece, „I know better then you!”
  • Emotion cause of Haemorrhoids: too much pressure, fear, tension, unable to let go of a grudge
  • Emotion cause of Headache: not accepting reality, uncertainty, fear of something
  • Emotion cause of Heart attack: overestimated your strength, money or work get too much attention, rejecting love
  • Emotion cause of Heel problems: vulnerability, „Stand on your feet!”
  • Emotion cause of Hernia: overcharged, overburdened
  • Emotion cause of Herpes: being disgusted with something
  • Emotion cause of High blood pressure: you cannot solve a big problem, rigidity
  • Emotion cause of High cholesterol level: fear of accepting joy, lack of joy
  • Emotion cause of Hip problems: fear of moving forward, unbalanced life
  • Emotion cause of Indigestion: fear, anxiety, tension
  • Emotion cause of Insomnia/sleeplessness: fear, consciousness of guilt, worry, anxiety, defencelessness
  • Emotion cause of Kidney problems: fear, partnership problems
  • Emotion cause of Kidney stone: relationship problems, undissolved anger
  • Emotion cause of Knee problems: lack of humility
  • Emotion cause of Lack of appetite: fear, feeling on alert for danger
  • Emotion cause of Large intestine problems: criticizing too much
  • Emotion cause of Liver disorders: suppressed anger, repression, criticism, bitterness
  • Emotion cause of Low blood pressure: fear of responsibility, depression
  • Emotion cause of Lumbago: overstrained
  • Emotion cause of Migraine: unable to make a decision, can’t stand criticism, maximalist, perfectionist
  • Emotion cause of Nail problems: suppressed aggression
  • Emotion cause of Neck problems: inflexibility, stubbornness
  • Emotion cause of Night-blindness: fear of uncertainty, fear of unknown
  • Emotion cause of Obstructed nose: holding back feelings
  • Emotion cause of Osteomyelitis: anger, disappointment in something
  • Emotion cause of Overweight: fear of something, insecurity, self-rejection, lack of love
  • Emotion cause of Piles: lack of flexibility, uncertainty, irresolution
  • Emotion cause of Psoriasis: fear of vulnerability
  • Emotion cause of Rheumatism: lack of flexibility, victimization, bitterness, lack of love
  • Emotion cause of Rickets: lack of love, emotional malnutrition
  • Emotion cause of Sciatic: financial insecurity
  • Emotion cause of Scleroderma: defencelessness, unprotectedness
  • Emotion cause of Short-sightedness: uncertain future
  • Emotion cause of Shoulder problems: overburdened
  • Emotion cause of Skin diseases: self contained, suppressed anger, lack of security, fear, anxiety
  • Emotion cause of Spine problems: it is a symbol: „too much burden”, need for support
  • Emotion cause of Strabism: one sided viewpoint
  • Emotion cause of Throat problems: unspoken words, suppressed self expression
  • Emotion cause of Thyroid problems: underactivity: fear of change, overactivity: too much stress, no future prospects
  • Emotion cause of Tongue problems: problems of sincerity
  • Emotion cause of Ulcer: lack of self-confidence, fear and uncertainty, emotional pain,
  • Emotion cause of Varicose Vein: discouragement, overworked, staying in hopeless situation
  • Emotion cause of Varicose veins: inflexibility, closeness
  • Emotion cause of Vein problems: problems with love



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